Vinnie Rossi’s ultracapacitor-powered, modular hi-fi systems are designed for long-term ownership by giving you the ability to add features and upgrades at any time – meeting your current and future needs. LIO includes an all-new, patent-pending power supply design that completely isolates all audio circuitry from the AC mains power at all times. You don’t need expensive power filters, power cords, or conditioners to achieve the ultimate in musical resolution.


With LIO you can configure an audio system that perfectly combines all of your current needs into one chassis. When you are ready to add functionality or upgrade to new technology, simply add and/or change circuit cards. LIO is 100% user updatable via plug in modules. Compare the cost of a well-configured LIO with the cost of similar ultra-high-end performance separate components. LIO will cost you hundreds, even thousands less and will never become obsolete Read More


Like Mark Levinson had before him, Vinnie Rossi the man has now become Vinnie Rossi the brand. With it he means to address this status quo. Addressing built-in obsolescence is handled with a fully modular plug’n’play build. It allows the end user to configure and reconfigure the machine at will and indefinitely with snap-in boards. This even includes cosmetic bits to change the colour of the knobs and certain panels. Picking from an a-la-carte option menu stops you from paying for stuff you don’t need. A new power supply embraces Bakoon’s concept of power-cycling multiple banks of batteries for uninterrupted 24/7 play but executes it with ultracapacitors instead. This again eliminates performance dependency on power-line conditions, nixes ‘audiophile’ power cords, AC conditioners and big noisy heavy expensive transformers but also says no to battery memory effects, limited recharge cycles and eventual replacement. Consolidating a plethora of functions in one box optimizes and shortens the signal paths between modules without external cables and power cords. That improves performance. But it also tidies up your box count and rack.