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In its more than twenty years of history to date, Unison Research has produced not only separate pre- and power amplifiers but also many integrated amplifiers of both low and medium power output. Integration offers several advantages, not only for simplicity and practicality of use, but for the improvements to sound quality that can be obtained. An integrated amplifier requires less cabling than its separate counterparts, both for mains supply and for interconnects, and that provides a worthwhile saving in cost. More importantly, cabling can have an undesirable effect on timbre, soundstage and dynamics.

The design of an integrated amplifier is therefore more critical and complex than that of a separate pre-power combination. The design of a single-chassis design requires great care in order to isolate the sensitive gain stages from interference from the power supply or output stage.

Our experience with integrated amplifiers has enabled us to produce some very successful designs over the years, some of which are revered as valuable classics such as the widely renowned Absolute 845.

To satisfy the constant and pressing requests from our customers worldwide, Unison Research has decided to bring back into production one of its best known classic pieces, the Performance.

We decided at the outset to introduce some improvements and important modifications to this classic integrated amplifier. First and foremost, the power output goes up from 24 watts to more than 40 watts per channel thanks to the use of six KT88 valves in the output stage. While the new Performance remains faithful to the winning look of the original–regarded by many as an object of rare and pleasing elegance–the few changes that have been made are due to functional necessity such as the insertion of large thermic radiators on both sides of the chassis as well as the cover that uses two stainless steel screens. This material is non-magnetic with low heat conduction, which prevents the heat generated by six KT-88s from reaching the circuits positioned below. This feature enhances both the stability and the overall reliability of the Performance.

As with all high-quality integrated amplifiers, the Performance is laid out in dual-mono configuration. Within the single chassis are two identical but fully independent amplifiers. This avoids any possibility of interference, whether electrical or electronic, between the two channels. Valves are used for all the amplification stages, and all of the valves operate in pure Class-A mode.

From the very beginning, Unison Research has been dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of output transformers.


Technical characteristics
Type: Dual mono Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier
Output Stage: single ended parallel ultralinare A class
Output Power: 45 W / channel
Inputs: 4 line, 1 tape
Input Impedance: 47 kOhm
Outputs: 1 tape, loudspeakers bi-wiring
Output Impedance: 4 – 8 ohm
Feedback factor: 16 dB
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 30 kHz
Valves: 6 x 6550/KT88 , 2 x ECC82 , 2 x ECC83
Remote Control: IR inputs and volume
Power Consumption: 500VA max
Dimension: 60cm x 48cm x 23,5 cm.
Net Weight:50 Kg