The Unico Due aims to satisfy even the most demanding users and offers the following features:

• Three line inputs, of which one can be configured to become a phono input after easy installation of an internal phono stage module which can accept any type of turntable cartridge.

• One USB input to the Unico Due’s internal DSD 128 bit DAC.

• One direct analogue line output from the Unico Due’s internal DAC, which allows it to be used as a stand-alone DAC.

• A low impedance subwoofer output (SUB) with variable output level from the preamp for connection to an active subwoofer.

• AV input that allows the Unico Due to be connected to a home theatre system: pressing the “push” button on remote control, the Unico Due will automatically select the chosen channel at a user-configured volume level.

• Dynamic Class A power amplifier biasing where the power transistors never turn off completely. This provides excellent sound results even at low volume.


Output Power – 100 Watt RMS at 8 Ohms

Frequency response -1db @12 Hz and 100 kHz

Input Stage -Pure Class A, 2 ECC83 double triode Vavles

Output Stage – Dynamic Class A Power BJT double complementary pair

Inputs – 3 Line RCA,1USB,1 Monitor

Line Outputs – 1 tape RCA, 1 DAC, 1 Subwoofer 9 (volume controlled)

Output connectors – 4 +4 bi-wiring

Phono  Stage – MM 40 dB / MC 50dB

Power Consumption – 550 W (at Max Power on 8 ohm)

Dimensions – 43.5 cm x 18 cm x 44 cm

Net Weight – 25 kg





The Unico Due integrated amplifier from Unison Research, the Italian hifi electronics manufacturer, replaces the long-standing Unico Secondo in the line, but brings new features to the range while also drawing inspiration from the Unico 90 design.

The electronic circuitry of the Unico Due has been completely redesigned from the ground-up. By working to the same brief as previous Unico models, Unison Research have introduced changes in the circuitry, the power supply method, the pre-amp stage, the power amp stage and with the variety of settings and inputs.

All based on 105µm tracks, the circuit board is fed by a sophisticated power supply method that features a specially designed encapsulated transformer for increased efficiency. The heart of the preamplifier stage is based around two ECC83 double triodes (one per channel), which were purpose-chosen after hours of listening tests. Configured as a gain stage followed by a cathode-follower, the circuit’s low output impedance drives the power stage that follows for minimal electrical interference. The power amplifier stage itself features an implementation of MOSFET transistors resulting in 100W per-channel output (8Ω).

The Unico Due has multiple line-level inputs and its built-in USB DAC and phono stage. The USB input features an ESS Sabre DAC ES9018K2M with jitter eliminator circuit, offering support for audio files up-to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256. Elsewhere, the integrated phono stage module is pre-set to accept Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges, but can be modified by a service engineer to cater for Moving Coil (MC) devices. Additionally, the Unico Due has settings for AV passthrough, subwoofer output, DAC output, a TAPE loop and to adjust channel balancing