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“On a TonTräger this mini HARBETH grows to new heights”

Handcrafted production
TonTrä stands are manufactured to the highest precision.
All products are planned, developed and tested in our workshop. [MORE]

Resonance dissipation and decoupling
Extended tenons allow direct absorption of cabinet resonances and decouple the speaker from the ground.[MORE]

We use specially selected high quality raw materials for our sound furniture.

Solid wood
We only use wood from FSC-certified local forests.

Multilayer surface coating
Surfaces are coated with natural oils and pigments in several processing steps. [MORE]

Plastic and metal free
TonTrä deliberately avoids the use of metal or plastic elements.

TonTrä stands come ready assembled

® registered design



weight: 2,1 kg
height: 70 cm


The surprise
After my previous research into loudspeaker stands I was in for a surprise. If someone had blindfolded me and only switched the stands, I would have accused them of swapping loudspeakers to something far more expensive. The P3ESR is well known for its detailed midrange, the ability to correctly reproduce the human voice and the natural sound of acoustic instruments. The TonTräger stand does not change this, it will only give you more detail, more insight into what goes on in the recording process and the mix. A lot more detail that is, even the tiniest sounds, and often those usually hidden in the soundstage. This adds to listening pleasure and involves the listener more and more. The coloration that all other stands seem to add is impossible to detect with the TonTräger. The way the cabinet should behave according to Harbeth is fully met, the little woofer and tweeter have never been better integrated. I had the feeling that I was finally in a position to fully understand the extended capabilities of this speaker. I tried streaming and vinyl, jazz, pop, rock and singer/songwriter, male and female voices and instrumental. And classical music too, ranging from baroque to full symphony orchestras. Going back to my earlier stand was a disappointment every time.