Reference Monitor 30.1 – LS5/9

“Placed on a TonTrä stand the M30.1 shows what it can really do”

Handcrafted production
TonTrä stands are manufactured to the highest precision.
All products are planned, developed and tested in our workshop

Resonance dissipation and decoupling
Extended tenons allow direct absorption of cabinet resonances and decouple the speaker from the ground.[More]

We use specially selected high quality raw materials for our sound furniture.

Solid wood
We only use wood from FSC-certified local forests.

Multilayer surface coating
Surfaces are coated with natural oils and pigments in several processing steps. [MORE]

Plastic and metal free
TonTrä deliberately avoids the use of metal or plastic elements.

TonTrä stands come ready assembled

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Technical Datas

weight: 2,8 kg
height: 60 cm


TonTräger Audio Reference P3 Stands

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
speaker stands
René van Es

Not long ago I tested some stands for my Harbeth P3ESR or any Harbeth Model loudspeaker, just to see which would work best. A wood, stone and steel stand, open frame metal or a massive sand filled design. I found enough differences between the stands to pick a favourite but they were all satisfactory. Until that is I had the opportunity to put the P3ESR on a pair of handmade stands that are dedicated to Harbeth P3 speakers. TonTräger audio was with Harbeth in Munich for the High End show, but as I was unable to compare or listen to the speakers in the booth at the time I waited patiently until they crossed the Dutch border.

The environmentally friendly box and packing weighs more on its own than the pair of stands that came in it. At 2.5kg per stand they are surprisingly light compared to most stands used with the P3ESR. The TonTräger stands are made out of wooden battens, mortise and tenon jointed and glued, and finished with black-pigmented oil. TonTräger owner Eva-Maria Weichmann is concerned about the environment and only uses FSC certified beech from German forests. maple, cherry, walnut and ash are available on request. Only solvent-free glues, water-based stains, natural oils and waxes are used to produce the stands.