UB Speaker Cable


Ultra Black Speaker Cable

Tellurium Q Ultra Black is the cable we wanted to make from day one. We told our UK distributor what to expect as we handed them a prototype that looked more like a fireman’s hose and less like a sonic phenomena. They glanced at the heavy, stiff and it has to be said ugly brown experiment. ‘Yes, well we will give it a go and take it to a few dealers to see what they think.’ Later that day we get a phone call from our disbelieving UK distributors at Kog Audio, ‘what the hell is in it? We’ve never heard anything like this!’

They took it on trust that the production version would be incredibly thin and flexible by comparison and look a whole lot better. So Kog Audio put in an advance order that day without needing to see or hear the production model because, in their words, ‘if it is even quarter as good as the prototype it will blow people away.’


Available with Banana or Spade connectors


Now, when they eventually arrived (thanks La Poste) I plumbed them into the system, fired up the hifi and plonked on the CD (always the same – Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumours’) and sat down and waited to be under-whelmed. It was just before lunch time and Mrs Hifi Pig was in the kitchen preparing our repas, but I thought I’d give these a quick five minutes then stick them back in the box from whence they came and get them back off to Tellurium Q with a ‘Told you so!’ note. Thing is, it didn’t happen like that and I have to say I was a little taken aback. I looked around from my seat and behind me was stood SWMBO who had come in from the kitchen because ‘It sounded different.’ The main thing we both expressed was how ‘odd’ it was as we really expected nothing to change at all!

There’s a lot talked about expectation bias on the various hi-fi forums and I am a firm believer in the power of suggestion and believing that if you expect something to sound better/different then it will. I (we) expected to hear absolutely no difference in the sound coming from the speakers at all ‚Äì nothing better and nothing worse, just exactly the same electrons being moved down the wire in exactly the same way and making what it was fed with from the source come out of the loudspeakers in exactly the same way as it can only do so. Now, I’m well aware that I’m likely as susceptible as the next man to being seduced by marketing hype and what not. Thing is there wasn’t any: cables arrived in a cardboard box and that’s about it, other than an email from Tellurium Q asking how I was getting on with them. Read More