Silver Speaker Cable

The “Silver” (Silver and Ultra Silver) has been designed for those who love detail. As has already been commented on, with the Ultra Silver the top end is extraordinarily detailed without any harshness.

While the “Black range” (Black, Ultra Black, and Black Diamond) could be categorized as neutral/ natural the “Silver” would lean more to neutral, detail and extension. The Silver performance sits beyond Black for very good reasons that you will hear.


Available with Banana or Spade connectors


I truly believe Tellurium has raised the standard of affordable audio cables. Their analogue signal cables work particularly well in a digital environment making the resulting sound less digital. The signature sound of Tellurium copper cables is naturally warm, opposite to analytical and cold.

Against that background, it is a bit of a surprise that Tellurium now introduces an entry level silver cable called Tellurium Silver. The reputation of silver cables is well-known. Many audiophiles have rejected them because too often they seem to be walking on the bright side of the street. Too detailed, too fast. And so on. It is largely for that reason that Tellurium’s old-school copper cables, instead of fancy silver cables by other manufacturers, have been my reference for some time now.

Tellurium’s marketing department describes the new silver cable in this way: “yes they are silver, but not as you know it”. I just very quickly compared the Silver to the entry-level Black cable, and while I cannot exactly tell how “silver” they sounded, they certainly were more detailed and faster than the Blacks. It occurred to me that someone who’s into metal music, electronic music etc. might find the “sound” of the Silver as supporting his or her likings. Also, I’m positive that there are combinations of tubes, full range speakers, and Tellurium Silvers that balance very well.