Blue-XLR-End-Large-185x125 US-XLR-1-Large-185x125 Black-XLR-Close-4-Large-185x125 BD-XLR-Full-Large-185x125 Ultra-Black-Pair-6-Large-185x125


The Blue XLR is our entry level XLR and we think that you will be surprised by how good it sounds. Like the Black XLR, just much better and using our Tellurium Copper connectors. For a richer more detailed sound. Taking the qualities of the Graphite interconnect and extending the detail and top end without any harshness.The Black Diamond Level are Tellurium Q in a cable. These have just been released and are our proudest work. The Black Diamond XLR uses our own TeCu connector and is the most natural sounding cable in the range, which is saying something.


Blue XLR Interconnect – Black XLR Interconnect – Ultra Black XLR Interconnect

– Ultra Silver XLR Interconnect – Black Diamond XLR Interconnect


Tellurium Q is primarily an audio research and development (R&D) company that also manufactures products. R&D is at the centre of every decision they take and every product they make.

That is why they design and develop products starting with a completely blank canvas and ask ‘what is really happening with this process, in these materials’ and build on solid fundamentals. That is why you may find that what they produce might look a little different from what you might expect but that is just because they are focused on how to get a better clearer sound. How something looks is of secondary importance because they are working for the serious audiophile and music lover who, like us, wants to hear more in their music. That may be the reason that although their little company has only just appeared on the HiFi scene, they have immediately been awarded 5 Globes for an entire speaker cable range, awarded cables of the year for the ENTIRE cable range by HiFi Plus magazine and again product of the year by HIFi World in their Jan 2011 edition. All in the first 12 months!

These XLR interconnects have been designed to have the lowest capacitance that Tellurium Q could build in and the highest possible band width with enhanced shielding. Read More