Black-USB-Close-2-Small-185x125Black-Dig RCA-4-Small-185x125Blue-USB-Full-Small-185x125Blue digital 185x125


Current is not electrons zipping through a wire. Think more of the old Newton’s cradle where you have metal balls suspended together and then you lift the end one and drop it against the end of the line. Almost immediately the ball at the other end flies up. The balls stay virtually still but the force is propagated along the line of balls. Likewise in a wire the electrons move hardly at all but the propagation of the electronic “impulse” is staggeringly fast. This is just a model and not actually what happens in reality but it is possibly a closer mental image of how to think about what may be happening. People appear to believe that a digital signal is just a stream of ones and zeros (on or off) and not that the digital signal is an analogue phenomenon that is being interpreted digitally, which is much closer to reality. This is one of the fundamentals that our digital cables are predicated on.

We are so pleased with our research into this phenomenon that we have applied for a patent on the series called “Waveform”. It’s this that takes these cables to new levels in digital RCA/BNC


The Black Digital XLR РThe BlackDiamond  Digital XLR

Black USB – Black Diamond USB

Waveform Series – Blue Digital RCA – Black Digital RCA


Comparing the Blue lead with the best cables that I have in the house was an eye-opener. I found that I was getting a smoother and more detailed treble response, a very fast delivery of the bass and an open soundstage that displayed a certain amount of depth that I am not used to hearing from a USB connected source. Read More