During our research we played with a few new material mixes (one being a specific mix of Tellurium Copper for the connectors). Other things we altered – well we are known for not commenting on the construction, materials and manufacture processes (see our pdf, “Why No Tech Specs”) but the result was something a lot more compatible but also with a performance that surprised us and meant we had a new reference level cable.

Although the Graphite and Black Diamond look identical (except for the silver name), when you hear for yourself the Graphite against the new Black Diamonds you will be in no doubt which is which and why we had to release this product – our best work. We are so excited!!! The Graphite speaker cable was referred to as ‚Äúthe best speaker cables I’ve ever heard‚Äù by one reviewer and the Black Diamonds leave our fantastic Graphite range a long way behind in terms of performance and compatibility.


Available with Banana or Spade connectors


Back in the March 2012 edition of this magazine, fellow scribe Paul Rigby went so far as to describe the Tellurium Q Graphite speaker cable as the ‘best speaker cables I have ever heard.’ Following such a ringing endorsement I was more than a little curious to hear the company’s cables for myself so I arranged to borrow the range-topping Black Diamond leads in both speaker and RCA interconnect form. Tellurium Q are reticent about revealing the technology employed in their cables so I am unable to tell you much except that the plugs are made to their own specification and include in their construction the rare earth mineral that gives the company its name. Read More