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Stillpoints is The State of the Art Isolation technology. Using advanced metals and treatment, hi-tech ceramic bearings, and precision machining we build a simple motor system that converts micro vibrations to heat. Our technology works mainly in the 100 nanoseconds and below time frame, vibrations found in the ultra band regions. Areas of improvement by doing this is better micro harmonics, dynamics, imaging, soundstage, tighter bass. Due to the design requirements we are true isolation‚ defined by no vertical path thru our products. When used with loudspeakers we decouple the speaker from its environment allowing you to hear it all for the first time.


 Mini Ultra with Base – The Mini Ultra consists of an 8-32 threaded stud extending out from the Mini Ultra Body. The Mini Ultra Base is then attached to the stud to allow for leveling a component or loudspeaker. Each Mini Ultra can support up to fifty pounds.

  • Ultra SS – This isolation device can support larger loudspeakers and equipment. If a direct connection to a device is desired, a Stillpoints Adapter can be used. The Flat Hard Hat on the opposite end allows for leveling the device. The new Ultra SS “Bullet Spike” can be attached on either end. Both ends of the Ultra SS can accept a 1/4-20 threaded male stud.
  • Ultra 5 – The Ultra 5 derives its name from having five pockets of Stillpoints patented technology. When using four Ultra 5’s under one component or loudspeaker, 20 pockets of technology are being used. A 1/4-20 female thread is located on top of the flat half of the Ultra 5. Stillpoints has added a 1/2-20 female thread to the beveled half. This allows for the attachment of the new Ultra 5 “Bullet Spike”, or an adapter specifically made for attaching the Ultra Base.
  • Ultra 6 Introducing the newest addition to the Stillpoints Ultra Series. The Ultra 6 is the first Ultra product to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. Order the Ultra 6 with the Ultra Base, or without the Ultra Base.
  • Ultra Base The Ultra Base can be connected to the Ultra SS, Ultra 5, and directly to any other component in a system. Four Ultra Bases are included with all ESS Racks, to be attached to the four ESS legs. One 1/4-20 x 5/8″ set screw comes with each Ultra Base.
  • LP Isolator (LPI) –The LPI slips over the spindle of your turntable and rests on the label portion of your LP. It absorbs the micro vibration that are present at the label area, and make the reproduction clearer, cleaner, more delicate, more open, and life like.


Once I heard the effect of replacing the Focal Stella Utopia loudspeakers‚ stock spikes with the Stillpoints Ultra SS isolation devices, I was hooked. Adding the Ultra SS to my system took the sound quality up a big notch, increasing low-level resolution, contributing to a more finely filigreed presentation, and helping the loudspeakers to more fully disappear into the soundstage. But it was replacing my 17-year-old Billy Bags equipment racks with Stillpoints ESS racks that made me realize what I’d been missing all these years. The Stillpoints racks allowed my system to resolve fine detail down to much lower levels and made the presentation that much more like music and less like a recreation of it. Read More