Since we produce almost exclusively in small series, every device, every loudspeaker, every tuning module, every scanning system, even every single cable is practically unique and is subjected to a function- and stress test as well as quality controls according to the strictest standards. Which is one of the reasons for our lasting success on the international HighEnd market.


Each of our employees is an expert in his or her field for many years. However, as we are always renewing old knowledge, adding new knowledge, we always try to ask the right questions. We consider the training and further education of all SteinMusic staff to be just as important as good music.

This is particularly important for the youngest of our colleagues: Our apprentices are facing great challenges. Because at STEIN Music they do not only undergo a demanding curriculum. They are seen and acknowledged as full-fledged employees by the entire personnel. As a member of the local Chamber of Crafts, we take pride in saying: “We educate!”

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