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The Stein Music Speaker Match:

The perfect match between amplifier, speaker cable and loudspeaker through minimizing the effect of back wave EMF distortion. The Stein Music Speaker Match is an element that helps bring more articulate interplay from amplifier to loudspeaker. Resulting in a more open articulate sound image across all frequencies, which tends to be mellower and less strained.

The Stein Music Speaker Match Plus:

An even more perfect match between amplifier, speaker cable and loudspeaker; The Speaker Match Plus is the next level bringing a clear transition and improved noise reduction to the amplifier, speaker cable, loudspeaker system.The results are an even more articulate sound image building on the original design with improved resonance control, in a fine sonically neutral solid walnut housing.

The Stein Music Speaker Match Signature:

A cost is no object approach using the same technique developed for the speaker match plus, with the addition of tightly matched custom paper in oil capacitors. Specially engraved slots in the finest African Blackwood enclosures, the same wood used in woodwind instruments tightly control resonance. The quality of these components produces an effect on the sound that is even more precise. The final result is a very neutral and ‘life like’ impression of the music.




Stein Music has done it again! Taken something good, and made it much better!

A real upgrade over the original and effective Speaker Matches comes with the arrival of the more elegant and expensive Speaker Match Plus – one that is definitely better than the original! Eliminating EMF would have major benefits in improving your amplifier’s control of the speaker drivers, and would result in a dramatic improvement in definition and lower noise. The original Matches did the job well with most speakers, regardless of size or cost. The new model is a sonic jump forward into the land of live music. Holger Stein has outdone himself.

If you are using the original Matches, the new Plus model will improve the focus, power, and musicality about 20% more. This German-trained engineer, physicist, and audiophile has quite a track record with audio components which are astoundingly effective at remedying all kinds of audio and system problems. The Speaker Match Plus may be his most extraordinary creation to date. The relationship between speaker and amplifier is largely unexplored territory, thankfully not by Stein Music!

Let’s examine the device. The Speaker Match Plus is a modest sized capacitor shaped unit constructed of American walnut, made in Germany, with two wires protruding from one end. The wires are tipped with gold Swiss made hollow banana plugs. They are designed to fit standard banana connectors on your speakers and, if necessary, stack with banana connectors from your speaker cables. The red connector goes on the plus binding post and the black connector on the ground post. They hook up in parallel to the speaker cables. You need one for each pair of binding posts in use. If bi-wiring, you will need four. If not, only two. Hookup is intuitive, easy, and fast. Read More