Stein harmon 2


Award winning Harmonizer System

The Harmonizer H2a and H2b are two identical-looking cubes with similar technology. However they are completely different regarding of the internal structure, and so also have significantly different effects that in the sum complement each other. We recommend using harmonizers in pairs, one H2a together with one H2b.

Black Stones
Black Stones assist the Harmonizers in evenly distributing their effect within the listening space. The Black Stones‘ operation is essentially based on the same, if less potent, principle as that of the Harmonizers. The Black Stones consist of a carbon-filled epoxy resin form within which the three active elements are contained in a precisely balanced ratio. Although their effect is noticeable when used independently, they are designed to be most effective in combination with the Harmonizer system.

Black Diamonds
Black Diamonds differ from the Stones primarily with respect to activation. Here we use techniques based on quantum physics that operate at a higher intensity than do the Stones. Their application within the Harmonizer system is best applied in conjunction with Stones. Four to five pieces in the right places will work quite effectively. Skilled placement impacts image size in all three dimensions. Like the Stones, the Diamonds are made of a carbon-filled epoxy resin and six active elements in an exactly balanced ratio.

Blue Diamonds
Stein Music Blue Diamonds are a further development of the Black Diamonds. Here we have increased effectiveness by a factor of three. Blue Diamonds can be used in place of Black Diamonds for a more realistic effect. Again, the Blue Diamonds are made of carbon-filled epoxy resin with nine active elements in an exactly balanced ratio. Used independently, they are capable of achieving an excellent result.

The award winning amazing Harmonizer System is now available in a new and improved version II. The internal Harmonizer Modules were redesigned for an even smoother tone and a better distribution of their effect. Harmonizers are now available in black and also in white modules. There is a separate battery compartment which is easy to open with one screw only. They use 4 AA Alkaline batteries which last more than two years with the Harmonizers on all the time (LED is off), Lithium batteries last up 8 to years. Harmonizers now also have an integrated thread in the bottom plate, where you may directly mount stands or wall brackets. The stands have been completely redesigned, using a round polished metal bar and a black lacquered MDF base with rubber feet that are fine for all kinds of floors.We recommend the use of the stands that are specially made for the Harmonizer system. With these you have the perfect height, and may also easily find the optimal place in your room.


Harmonizers come in sets of two, which include:
1x H2a
1x H2b
2x Wall brackets
2x Black Stones
and as an option:
2x Stands

Two sets is the most commonly used variant, however you may also start with one set or further improve the system using three sets. For best results we recommend using the Harmonizers together with Steinmusic Blue Suns


Here is a quick audiophile question for my expert friends! What do speakers do? If you answered, “move air,” then your answer is identical to the other 99% of audiophiles I know. If loudspeakers move air, then air is an important part of the process we know as audio reproduction in the home.

Now here is more! Air is pretty stiff. It takes a lot of driver motion to fill a room with sound.

Enter German physicist, engineer, and audiophile Holger Stein. He discovers that air vibrates at certain frequencies and, in the presence of those vibrations, becomes more compliant. If air is more compliant, then sound waves have an easier path to your ears. Enter the SteinMusic Harmonizers… elegant boxes sold in pairs that generate vibrations that make the air more transmissive of music in all its complexities.

Holger Stein has discovered the “missing link” to producing the musical event in your home. Through his devices, you see the performance with your ears with repeatable, adjustable, scientific certainty for the first time. Welcome to the future my friends!

While a few other reviewers have tried the Stein gear, none have assembled a state-of-the-art system which was truly great to begin with. Referred to me by none other than the ‘Dean of Audio’ himself, Jack Bybee, I felt duty bound to give it a try, though I remained skeptical until I heard the first few notes.

There is now a spot on the carpet where my jaw hit the ground. Read More