Aventurin 6 MK2
The Steinmusic Aventurin 6 cartridge is a purebred Moving Coil system designed for use with medium mass tonearms. Each cartridge is entirely hand assembled and all parameters are thoroughly tested before delivery, including a final listening test. The structure of this system is very distinctive, being cast in bronze, ensuring a remarkably stress-free base material whose resonance characteristics are further enhanced with its gold-plated finish.

The housing is made of a composite material combining natural mahogany timber with carbon fiber. This pairing of materials benefits from the amalgamated properties of the slightly warmer sound of the natural wood with the outstanding clarity of carbon fiber.

The cantilever consists of a lightweight, rigid boron tube with the needle geometry optimized for low distortion and the cleanest tracking. The precision-wound generator operates in a perfectly homogeneous magnetic field from a high efficiency neodymium magnet.


Stein Music Aventurin 6 Cartridge

The base of Stein Music Aventurin cartridges is the harmonic construction using a cast bronze structure as a base in conjunction with a housing made out of a composite of Mahogany and Carbon.


Holger Stein, the creative genius at the head of Germany’s Stein Music, makes many audio products, from electronics and loudspeakers through a dazzling assortment of accessories. Over the past few years Holger has been instrumental in helping me improve the sound of my audio system. I will soon offer a comprehensive review of the many Stein accessories that have contributed to the refinement and resolution of my audio. But for now let’s concentrate on the Aventurin 6 cartridge. Read More