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The EMOTION will drive all Planar Magnetic or Dynamic Headphones. The output is transformer coupled with a custom gapped transformer wound in U.S.A. The 8ohm output tap is used. For higher impedance headphones the reflected impedance back to the tube is raised and thus the peak output voltage significantly exceeds the capabilities of solid state amplifiers of similar output power. The amplifier takes advantage of the lowest distortion power amplifying device known, of any age, any technology: the Soviet 4P1L. Each is configured single-ended as a Directly Heated Triode. These tubes are available in large quantities and are the darling of the Russian and German low powered amplifier craze.


I/O Front Panel

  • Volume knob.
  • Power switch
  • Power On indicator
  • A PAIR of stereo headphone jacks
  • Mini XLR. Balanced Stereo
  • ‘Äústaging’ adjust, each channel, with ammeter
  • Rear Panel
  • IEC power input jack. 120VAC 50-60Hz
  • (2) RCA input jacks
  • 9pin DIN jack for expansion to other Sonnare products. Coming soon

Tube Complement

2x 4P1L
Directly heated pentode. Connected as 100% triode. From Soviet Fighter Jet. Hermetically sealed pins. Loctal Base. Will exceed 2000Hrs.

2x 7N7 or 2x 6SN7
This tube is widely available N.O.S. and is the final version of the low mu 6SN7GT. It is the identical structure as this venerated low-mu dual triode in a stronger glass envelope with significantly better vacuum sealed pins.


The Emotion made every song feel whole, highly resolved. and musically complete. While I have used the world-class HE-1000s with a variety of excellent amplifiers this brief audition suggested: the Sonnare Emotion may have been the most enjoyable of all. Herb Reichert Read more