At Fidelis Music Systems Service encompasses a broad approach from both music system selection and interfacing that system in your room. Our value add is realized through your understanding of what ultimately performs in your home. We bring years of experience in creating music systems that capture the essence and nuances that make listening to your music special every time you arrive. We understand acoustics and the speaker room interface, critical to achieving that experience. To be certain that regardless of cost we are motivated through our experience in the art of music reproduction to bring our very best to this effort. Whether you make a single purchase or your entire system with us, we will provide a path that will help you grow and develop your system that will bring you years of enjoyment.

What is Your Ideal Set-Up?

In-Home Evaluations

As part of our overall approach we provide the ultimate in care whenever necessary to insure we have a complete understanding of both a visual and sonic imprint of your listening room to provide a solution that meets or exceeds all your requirements.

How do we accomplish this: The Fidelis approach to sound, a major tenet of this philosophy is the ultimate importance of room/speaker/system interface, or RISSI

How we implement it: We arrive with testing devices, recordings that help us analyze the sound in the room, and experienced ears that bring the subtle notes to clarity.

How we use this information: With this evaluation, we are now equipped to make specific recommendations on equipment, acoustical room treatments, and setup. If the need arises, we will travel almost anywhere. It is our sincere belief that if you are in New England, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this incredible service. Its all about the music – in your home!

Equipment Trials: From our show room to your listening room, we provide this special service to help you make the ultimate educated decision on that special component or speaker in your home.

How the system works: There may be a nominal per diem fee that is fully applied to your purchase. The customer assumes full responsibility for returning the equipment damage free and in good working order, within the specified time frame.

How to get more information:  Call us or simply click the contact us page to arrange a call to answer your questions or simply have a discussion. Get educated, before you spend that money on a system that isn’t sonically matched to your particular room. Its worth more than you can imagine!

More Services: Custom Cabinetry, Acoustic Room Treatments, Electrical upgrades & Installation services. At Fidelis we have resources available to help you create the ultimate in listening environment, aesthetically and dynamically implemented to achieve the very best musical listening experience possible.

How can electrical upgrades improve sound: Dedicated electrical circuits provide a cleaner source of power by using higher grade and gauge wire with silver treatments. Power conditioning equipment will add another level of improvement to the equation that will yield tangible listening results.

Custom Woodworking: Speaker stands, racks or cabinets required to complete your room, we can provide resources to meet the specifications of that special project.

Acoustic Treatments: These special room augmentations can be wide ranging or small devices that provide the additional inner lining to achieving that special nirvana in your listening enjoyment.

Installation Services: As implementation is the final step in system deployment we offer services in measuring speaker distance, sitting positioning, electronics and turntable setup that ultimately tie all your components together and bring it all to life.

Repairs and Upgrades: We employ resources to provide expert service when the need may arise. Our technicians bring years of experience in all aspects of audio expertise. We carefully choose our product lines with integrity and reliability backed by the factory. We offer excellent opportunities for system upgrades and trade in values to assist you in developing your music system to its fullest potential.