While carefully preserving the original Avior’s distinctive form, the new Avior II is the epitome of high performance and visual elegance in a loudspeaker which although modest in size, delivers authentic, full range sound.

Immediately apparent is the potent combination of our new waveguide mounted beryllium tweeter and our latest generation of 6″ midrange and twin 9″ carbon fiber sandwich composite bass drivers. This, in conjunction with an entirely redesigned crossover, has allowed us to essentially create a completely new loudspeaker. The Avior II’s sound is even more transparent and resolved than the original, and is characterized by a rich, textural liquidity and authoritative dynamic fidelity throughout the entire frequency range.

The Avior II’s waveguide mounted beryllium tweeter improves the acoustic impedance match of the tweeter at the low end of its range, and allows for lower distortion and greater dynamic expression from the tweeter itself, as well as improved dispersion characteristics at the midrange/tweeter crossover point.

The Avior II’s triple laminated, constrained mode damped enclosure boasts a solid 6 inch thick front baffle and variable section thickness, gracefully curved side panels and crowned top surface. Together, these not only create an elegant form, but also endow the enclosure with immense stiffness and minimum resonant signature. The enclosure’s large sweeping chamfers and ever changing baffle dimensions virtually eliminate diffraction anomalies, while the Avior II’s visually stunning, raked back form and high gloss piano black finish are the ideal complement to its awesome sonic accomplishment.


Woofers (2) 9” carbon fiber sandwich composite
Midrange 6” carbon fiber sandwich composite
Tweeter Waveguide mounted 1” beryllium dome
Height 46.50″
Width 15.00″ (base)
Depth 24.50″ (base)
Weight 220 lbs. each
Frequency Response 25 – 30 KHz, -3dB
Nominal impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 89.5 dB SPL/2.83 v
Min. amplifier power 50 watts


The Avior II
At $38,500/pair, this three-way design is almost identically priced to the Magico S5 Mk.II and is very similar in height, width, and weight—a back-breaking 220 lbs—but is significantly deeper. The review samples were finished in a high-gloss piano black, and the speakers’ appearance belied their bulk. Other than on the stepped rear panel, there’s hardly a straight line to be seen: the top slopes down, the sidewalls are gently curved, and the sloped-back, 6″-thick front baffle is faced with inset black felt and narrows toward the top, to optimize the tweeter’s acoustic environment.

Summing Up
The Rockport Technologies Avior II is a neutral, uncolored, full-range loudspeaker capable of both rocking-out loudness and the presentation of subtle sonic differences. It’s not entirely without character—the slight coloration I noted with solo-piano recordings will be a problem for some. But that aside, its superb transparency doesn’t get in the way of the music. As I described in one of the first reviews I wrote for Stereophile, a frequent problem with speakers that excel in the presentation of recorded detail is that, among all the dramatically revealed trees, the listener loses sight of the musical forest. This was not the case with the Avior II; whichever recording I played, I was compelled to listen though to the end, even when I had other things to attend to, other places to be. That is the sign of greatness.