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Power and Performance
The Beautifully Balanced S/3
S/3 derives from the flagship S/5 and offers a more compact footprint and much of S/5 performance for use with either slightly more modest systems or rooms that cannot handle the power and output of S/5. Qualitatively, it is the equal of S/5, sans the grand scale, power and majesty of its larger sibling.

Beautifully balanced, S/3 offers powerful, incisive and beautifully balanced performance.

S/3 uses a special carbon/carbon passive that is stiff, lightweight and incredibly well-behaved. Our approach to passive design results in performance more akin to a variable ratio driver size. On an S/3, think of it as a sliding ratio design wherein the S/3 begins as an ultra-fast 10‚Äù sealed box design and, as more power and deeper bass is demanded S/3 gradually morphs into the power and output of a 15″ design.

S/3’s power amplifier is a powerful NextGen2 400W digital amplifier. This design has powered thousands of RELs and has proven exceptionally reliable and very fast with deep, extended lows‚Äîit provides a perfect mate to our new driver.


Type: Front-firing, powered subwoofer with downward-facing, passive radiator-equipped enclosure.

Driver complement: One 250mm aluminium alloy bass driver with aluminium chassis, one 300mm passive radiator.

Inputs: Hi-level speaker input with Neutrik Speakon connectors, low-level input via single RCA jack, LFE input via RCA jack.

Low frequency extension: 22Hz at -6dB

Amplifier power: 350W RMS

Controls: Crossover (30Hz – 120Hz), Gain (0 – 80dB), Phase (0 or 180 degrees), Power (on/off), SMA connection switch for optional Longbow wireless connectivity.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 424 x 406 x 463.5mm

Weight: 27.9kg

Finishes: Gloss Piano Black or Gloss White lacquer


Subwoofer expert REL had a long-running hit in its R-Serie range. But, never one to rest on its laurels, the company announced at the beginning of the year that R was out, and S was in. The S/3 is the middle of three models in the new S-Serie range.

The R and the S models look ostensibly similar, until you remove the grille. The cabinet retains the gloss black or white cube shape with contrasting metal side-bars, top-plate and feet. The cabinet itself is slightly deeper, but unless you have like-for-like models facing one another, few would notice the difference. The depth of the cabinet helps explain one significant change in the REL design: it now uses 30mm thick MDF throughout and has better internal bracing, making the S/3 both considerably more rigid and heavier than the model it replaces.

However, the big change has been in the drive unit itself. Where previous REL models have relied on more traditional materials for large subwoofer cones, the new S-Serie uses long-throw drivers made from a tempered aluminium alloy called T-6063, which is alloyed primarily with magnesium and silicon. This alloy is considered to have good mechanical properties, very high tensile strength, and is produced with very smooth surfaces.  Read More: