Rega elex-r-offside-cut


The Elex-R is a sublime blend of the Brio-R design with the power circuits and advanced phono stage of the Elicit-R. Rega’s engineers have achieved the perfect balance of power, control and dynamics, delivering a performance that always puts the music first. You will find plenty of connectivity options allowing complete flexibility and integration within the rest of the Rega range.


  • Rega custom full width case with improved heat dissipation
  • Combined feedback & passive volume control pre-amp
  • 90 watts per channel into 6 Ohms / 72 watts into 8ohms
  • High specification integrated phono stage
  • New multi-lingual user manual
  • Enhanced power supplies for the driver stage
  • Hybrid of the Brio-R and Elicit-R design
  • Dedicated mini remote handset included
  • Pre-amp out / Record out / 4 line inputs
  • New custom transformer


  • Power Supply
  • Voltage: 230v & 115v
  • Frequency: 60/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 250 Watts
  • 230v Fuse: T3.15AL 20mm
  • 115v Fuse: T5AL 20mm

Output power

  • 72.5W 8Œ© both channels driven – Design centre rating
  • 90W 6Œ© both channels driven – Rega speaker impedance rating
  • 113W 4Œ© both channels driven

Phono input

  • Sensitivity (72.5W 8Œ©1.7mV (Load 47Kin parallel with 220pF)
  • Maximum input level: 100mV

Line input

  • Sensitivity (72.5W8Œ©164mv (Load 30-50K)
  • Maximum input level: 10v

Tape output

  • Level: 164mV with rated input
  • Output impedance: 470

Line output

  • Level: 625mV with rated input
  • Output impedance: 600



If you’re on the lookout for an upmarket stereo amplifier, you certainly shouldn’t ignore Rega’s Elex-R. It’s good enough to shake up a market that’s long been dominated by the likes of Cyrus, Roksan and Naim. You should think of this integrated amp as a more muscular Brio-R and you’ll be pretty close to the mark. By using the much admired Brio-R as a base, and adding circuit elements from the unquestionably talented Elicit-R into the mix, Rega has created one of the most talented amplifiers we’ve heard. Read more