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XP Phono
Since 1997 Pass Laboratories has been respected for building some the finest phone stages in the audio industry. The transition from Aleph Ono, through X-0no and now to the XP-15 and XP-25 represents a sophistication and maturation of both thinking and component evolution.

Each new design of that evolution has brought a steady improvement in measured metrics such as diminished background noise and has contributed to a sonic image presented with improved resolution and additional sonic ease.

The popular advent of the moving coil cartridge demanded all this as well as higher available gain.Each successive generation of Pass Laboratories phono-stage has addressed the special needs of these cartridges, while maintaining the ability to bring out the best in more conventional high output moving magnet cartridges as well.

The single chassis XP-15 easily bests the sonic performance of it’s predecessor the X-ono.

The twin chassis XP-25 eclipses the already exceptional performance of the XP-15. The XP-25 boasts adjustable gain, two separate inputs, a low cut filter, mute feature, resistive and capacitive loading all on the front panel for easy access. With the XP-25 you will discover a whole new dimension of dynamics, inner detail and spectral richness.


Ship Weight (LBS) 15
Number of Chassis
Gain 40dB, 46dB (MM), 71dB, 76dB (MC)
RIAA Response +/- 0.1dB, 20-20K Hz
Output Impedance 300 / 300
Input Impedance 47K or 1K / 0-650 pF (MM) 5 – 47K ohm (MC)
Power Consumption (W) 15


Like a lot of audiophiles I got to a place last year where I had become so enamored with computer audio that any device that I couldn’t control from the convenience of my sofa via an iPhone app got treated like the proverbial “red-headed stepchild.” Then in a moment of clarity I realized that I still had a considerable library of LPs that I had not yet replaced with a CD or digital download. I also reminded myself that I, in fact, had also been a red-headed stepchild during my adolescence. Something that my therapist assured me I had gotten over as he cornered me in his office and kept repeating, It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault… Read More