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INT-30A Class A Integrated

This amplifer is the ‘jewell in the crown.’ Based on the XA30.5, the INT-30A provides wattage with all the finess and delicacy that Class A operation has long been famous for.

Best with speakers of 87 dB efficieniency or greater, spectacular with difficult speaker loads such as electrostatics or planars in small systems


Gain (db) 26 dB
Power Output /ch (8 ohm) 30 watts
Power Output /ch (4 ohm) 60 watts
Input Impedance,(Kohms) 36 / 18
Leaves Class A @ pk Watts 60
Power Consumption (W) 200
Volume Control 63dB
Dimensions (W x H x D) 19 x 7 x 19
Unit Weight (LBS) 60
Ship Weight (LBS) 72
Ship Weight (LBS) 72


The Class-A amplifier operation and the passive preamp give it a slightly warm analog signature with a wonderful soundstage, but plenty of transient energy. And it looks like and feels like a million bucks! No scrimping on this amp. Giving it an Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award, a recognition list that includes the Pass XA30.5, the INT-150 and dedicated Pass phono preamps, is a no brainer. Read More