Hand-crafted in Japan.
Award-winning MelcoN1A:
– High grade power supplies with audiophile grade components. 60W x 1
– Dedicated LAN port for Player (Streamer) connectivity
– Optimum data integrity and simple setup.
– Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock – eliminates any possibility of data jitter at source
– 2 x 2TB Hard-drives with floating mechanism






The Melco N1A High Resolution Digital Music Library can function as a music server or a NAS directly feeding your network player of choice. There are two Ethernet ports on the N1A’s backside labelled LAN and Player. The LAN Ethernet port connects to your network (router, switch, or hub) making the N1A’s internal 4TB of storage available to network-attached devices including computers and network players. The Player port connects directly to your network player of choice. While in Player mode, the N1A acts as a DHCP server and assigns an IP address to your network player. In Player mode, you cannot connect to the N1A from your computer or copy files to its internal storage via Ethernet. The company recommends using the unit’s USB for that purpose.
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