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Speakers are the centerpiece of your audio system and a very personal choice that must suit your ears and the decor of your room, and must bring out the very best in your music. Here at Fidelis we’ve carefully evaluated the various brands of premium loudspeakers and our portfolio has evolved over the years. Harbeth,and Dynaudio pave the way to great sound. Stenheim and Rockport platform for an incredible listening experience. Monitor, and Diapason add depth. Rockport Technologies has added superior sonic performance since joining our lineup and Stenheim offers unparalleled resolution. Whether it’s a monitor, floor stander or subwoofer we have your ideal speakers here! Find out more about specific brands through the links below:


Harbeth Compact 7ESHarbeth
Triangle Esprit
Stenheim Alumine 3-wayStenheim: Swiss made audio excellence
Diapason NeosDiapason
Dynaudio Special 40Dynaudio