R1 X-1921 R1-1921-Black-HR


“The R3X Isolation Base is the latest version of a design derived from our S1 Isolation Base. It has the same broad band isolation system used in our reference level M3X Isolation Base and shares 60% of the plinth construction with our high performance S1 Isolation Base. The R3X top and bottom plate are made from a new custom HRS non resonant plate material that increased the mass density of the R3X by 28% over the previous R1 Isolation Base Design. These design improvements allow the R3X to offer more of the performance achieved by its very ambitious siblings.”

Michael Latvis, Chief Engineer
Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc

The R3X Isolation Base is a highly innovative design that eliminates noise revealing a new level of musical performance. It is manufactured from five different materials including a proprietary resonance control stage and billet machined aircraft quality aluminum trim. The R3X load range is matched to the component weight for maximum performance just like our high performance S1 and reference level M3X design. The R3X can also be modified in the future to preserve initial investment. This is a unique product that offers our customers true Harmonic Resolution Systems performance that is derived from a decade of experience creating industry leading designs.

The R3X Isolation Base is produced in two standard sizes. Each size can be purchased in any of the three different load ranges to optimize component performance.

If one of the standard sizes or load ranges does not fit your needs, HRS also offers hundreds of custom designs in our M3X Isolation Base product line including custom designs for all large turntables and amplifiers. Please contact your local sales representative or Harmonic Resolution Systems for assistance with custom isolation bases for your components.

The broadband noise reduction system in the R3X maximizes performance and is highly effective on a wide range of surfaces and structures. The low profile compact design also minimizes space requirements. The R3X Isolation Bases Integrate directly into the HRS audio stand frames. (R3X-1719, R3X-1921 sizes)


Model Number Dimensions inch (cm) Weight lbs. (Kg)
1921 19 x 21 x 3

(48.3 x 53.3 x 7.6)

30 (13.6)
1719 17 x 19 x 3

(43.2 x 48.3 x 7.6)

24.5 (11.0)


Load Range Supported Equipment Weight

lbs (kg)

RD(Red) 0-60 (0-27.3)
GRN(Green) 60-100 (27.3-45.5)
BL(Blue) 100-160 (45.5-72.7)


These isolation bases have been highly acclaimed even when used with other manufacturers equipment supports and are especially beneficial under turntables and CD players. The flagship M3X Series basesare based on granite embedded in a one piece aluminium tray separated by the HRS proprietary polymer. Underneath the aluminium platform are four round aluminium feet isolated from the base with a compliant rubber like polymer. The load range of the isolation base is optimised to give maximum resonance control and 4 different grades of these feet are available. These can be changed easily if the equipment on these bases changes.

How they work

They eliminate structure borne vibration and dump chassis noise that usually emanates from the transformers that are in all electronics. The result is one of a far more transparent sound, less high frequency distortion, allowing more detail to be easily heard. This results in a bigger sound stage and a more natural, less hi-fi presentation. The maximum benefit of these platforms is realised when used in conjunction with the MXR or SXR frames but they are very beneficial when used on top of other high quality equipment supports or indeed as free-standing amplifier isolation supports