M3X base 1 M3X on rack


The M3X Isolation Base is the latest generation of reference level isolation bases from Harmonic Resolution Systems. It is manufactured from six different materials including two proprietary polymers, billet machined aircraft aluminums, and polished black granite. The M3X load range is matched to the component weight for maximum performance and can be modified in the future to preserve initial investment. The M3X is the result of more than a decade of research and development into achieving true reference level audio system performance.

This unique design utilizes six different materials to optimize stiffness, geometry, mass, and impedance characteristics. Each material is carefully selected for optimum performance and functionality. The M3X Isolation Base also uses two different proprietary HRS elastomer formulations. The first was developed to maximize isolation efficiency, and the second was developed to control and eliminate residual energy.

A finely polished black granite contact plate is combined with two custom resonance control stages in a billet machined aircraft aluminum frame with a craftsmanship finish and black anodize coating. This exceptional design was created to offer maximum performance, cosmetic elegance, and a durable scratch resistant inlay design that will provide years of maintenance free service.

The M3X Isolation Base is produced in four standard sizes. Each size can be purchased in any of the three different load ranges to optimize component performance.

If one of standard sizes or load ranges does not fit your needs, HRS offers hundreds of custom designs for many different components including all large turntables and amplifiers. Please contact your local sales representative or Harmonic Resolution Systems for assistance with custom isolation bases for your components.

Broadband noise reduction system maximizes performance
Highly effective on wide range of surfaces and structures
Low profile compact design minimizes space requirements
Standard and custom sizes ensure full system integration
Integrates directly into HRS audio stands without modification (M3X-1719, M3X-1921 sizes)


ModelNumber Dimensions (W x D x H)inches (cm) Weightlb (kg)
M3X-2123 23 x 21 x 3(58.4 x 53.3 x 7.6) 62 (28.1)
M3X-1921 21 x 19 x 3(53.3 x 48.3 x 7.6) 52 (23.5)
M3X-1719 19 x 17 x 3(48.3 x 43.2 x 7.6) 43 (19.5)
M3X-1419 19 x 14 x 3(48.3 x 35.6 x 7.6) 37 (16.8)


Load Range Supported Equipment Weight tlbs (kg)
RD(Red) 0-30 (0-14)
GRN(Green) 30-60 (13-27)
BL(Blue) 60-120 (27-54)



Being able to compare in one place and at the same time several anti-vibration platforms from around the world, including those from the best known manufacturers, it is easy to come to some general conclusions. It only takes a look at the packaging in which they arrive to know whether their manufacturer is an established business or still a fresh venture, and whether their production output exceeds a few copies per month or rather not. Sophisticated, secure packaging is expensive. Although the platforms I’m talking about are far from being cheap, with a small volume of production packaging becomes an important component of the final price. The second determinant is platform’s finish quality. Although the most important is how the platform affects the sound, its look and the impression it makes are also very important. At least for me. But even if aesthetics is not important to us, finish quality reflects the importance of the enterprise, the money invested into it, and hence the research and development capabilities. If we look at it this way, the M3X platform will be the most precisely made and best finished platform of all reviewed in this issue of High Fidelity. Only the Pagode Edition from Finite Elemente shows a similar level of finish quality, while using a completely different build material.

The M3X is a very heavy, extremely solid design with a rather low profile body. It integrates several different materials: aluminum, granite, and two types of elastomers, with carefully selected size and weight. It looks this way: the base is machined from a single billet of aluminum which has milled out recesses for the granite slab on top and the feet in the bottom. The granite sits on polymer pads and its sides do not touch the aluminum base; the only point of contact is the bottom surface. The large aluminum feet are decoupled from the base by the other polymer. The side features a milled out logo with distinctive “wings” loosely resembling the “wings” of Theta Digital’s logo. Read More