RE 600 2 HiFi RE 600


Our new in-ear model was part of a multi-year project for HIFIMAN intended to offer a higher level of performance and comfort for the category. Advanced ergonomic design aids both ease-of-use and comfort while an all-new, custom-designed driver utilizes a special Titanium coating for remarkable detail and extended frequency response. In fact, the RE-600 driver is Patent-Pending. The addition of Neodymium magnets and premium cabling of Copper-Silver on RE-600 helps deliver all the music as it was originally intended.


Frequency Response : 15Hz-22KHz
Sensitivity : 102 dB
Impedance : 16 Ohms
Weight : 13.7g (0.48 Oz)
Plug : 3.5mm


The build quality is probably the best I have seen from a HiFiMAN IEM so far. The cable on this is made especially with the RE-600 in mind and is made of a crystal copper and crystal silver. The bottom half of the cable is sheathed in Kevlar and feels super sturdy and while the upper half feels good, it does feel just a tad weaker. The y-split looks nice to the eyes as well as being chunky and these are equipped with a cable cinch. The housings have a nice long strain relief that install faith in these and the housings are SO SMALL I can not see any way they could run into trouble. They also have the filters of course so nothing can get into the earphones causing trouble. This is a very well finished product!  READ MORE: