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The HIFIMAN EF100 is a powerful hybrid headphone amplifier and integrated amplifier. Housed in its compact chassis lie three independent amplifier sections: a vacuum tube input stage works as a shared preamp, a Class AB headphone amplifier, and a Class T speaker power amplifier. Benefitting from vacuum tube technology, both headphone amplifier and power amplifier sound warm, smooth, detailed and musical. Working as a hybrid headphone amplifier, EF100 can produce a 2w output under a 32 ohm load so it can easily drive many high performance headphones. In addition, EF100 can also serve as a hybrid power amplifier to drive speakers of moderate to high efficiency. In power amplifier mode, the amplifier output line is fully independent from the digital amplifier line used in the headphone amplifier. Driven by front stage’s vacuum tubes, EF100 combines the warmth vacuum tubes are known for with the high efficiency of a digital amplifier. It is the best of both worlds. When EF100 is used as a power amplifier, it can give 4.5 watts per channel so it can drive HIFI speakers of moderate to high efficiency. At last, with its versatile design EF100 can bring music to life from a variety of sources for both headphones and speaker applications.


Voltage : 110V/220V
Input Impedance : 47k
Output Impedance : 32-300 Ohms
Headphone Output : Output voltage and output power under 30 ohm load: 7.8v, 2000 mw
Frequency Response : 20-20 KHz +/- 0.2dB
Power amplifier Output : Each channel: 4.5 w (4 ohm load)
Frequency Response : 20-20KHz +/- 1dB
D/N(A) : 95dB
Tube : 6N3J


I’ve spent a good while now with a little desktop amplifier, a hybrid design that will drive both your most demanding cans and – when the switch is thrown – a pair of small desktop loudspeakers. I’ve taken longer than usual to compile my thoughts about the EF100 – longer than promised, actually – and I came to the conclusion that it is so well-suited to my needs and listening habits that I could not allow it to leave.

This amounts to a conclusive statement of the sort that I loathe reading from reviewers. You know the one  I loved it so much that I bought the review sample! I despise reading that phrase, or variations of thereupon. A bitter, shivering cringe subsumes me. An acrid drop or two of bile erupts in my throat. Blood pressure and pulse rise such that I can hear it coursing in my own eardrums. And here I am writing it.

I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for the hypocrisy and double standard, because I know that future cringing judgements will continue to be my reaction to other reviewers abusing that declaration, that atrociously pandering signal, that crutch posing as authenticator. I‚Äôm ashamed of my judgy judginess.
I bought the EF100. READ MORE: