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Take the Focal sound with you everywhere. Optimal comfort, total freedom and an elegant design, all combined in a pair of headphones! Listen is the promise of portable high-end audio. Foldable closed-back circum-aural headphones

Listen Headphones combine all the advantages of premium portable headphones for hours of intense listening pleasure. Light and foldable they are compatible with all smartphones. Excellent noise insulation is guaranteed with the closed-back design and by the large ear cushions which preserve the headphones, acoustic qualities, even in noisy environments. The heat-sensitive, very high-density memory foam ear-pieces offer maximum comfort for the listener. Finally, at the source of Listen’s acoustic qualities are the innovative 1≥ (40mm) drivers. Thus, Listen has an extremely dynamic sound, tight bass and remarkable tonal balance. These qualities are what make Listen your ideal travelling companion: listening pleasure, everywhere.
Listen was designed in France by Focal’s acoustics engineers.


Listen features exclusive cone technology, with 13764 (40mm) large driver made of Mylar and Titanium offering remarkable neutrality and sound quality. For optimal performance, a Mylar sheet is used on the driver, while a Titanium coating is applied to the dome only. Listen offer a dynamic, deep and controlled bass. Let yourself be surprised by the precision of your music!

In the soft carriyng case are provided a 4.60ft (1.4m) OFC cable with built-in remote and omnidirectional microphone and airplane adaptor.


Steve Guttenberg, who writes CNET’s Audiophiliac column, and I really liked the way this headphone sounded. It offers well-balanced sound with excellent detail; potent, tight bass and clear mids. It also sounds pretty open for a closed-back headphone, so the sound doesn’t get stuck inside your head.