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Esoteric K-07 SACD/CD player/DAC

Discs played SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Digital inputs Optical, electrical/coaxial on phono, USB with asynchronous option (using downloadable drivers)
Formats playable Up to 24-bit/192kHz (in asynchronous high speed USB mode, 24/94 in standard USB)
Outputs Analogue audio on fixed/variable phonos and balanced XLRs, digital on optical and electrical/coaxial phono
Other connections Master clock input
Accessories Remote handset
Dimensions (WxHxD) 44.5×13.1×35.8cm


Maybe it’s time for one of Japan’s best-kept audio secrets to become a bit less – well, esoteric

Ah yes, TEAC/Esoteric – Esoteric was set up in 1987 as a high-end sub-brand company by the outfit founded as the Tokyo Television Acoustic Company in 1953, just as state broadcaster NHK started TV broadcasts in Japan – so that’s another one celebrating a significant birthday this year.

It later changed its name to Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company, finally shortening it to TEAC, and for some years concentrated on the development of tape decks: first open-reel, then cassette, and finally digital, the last of these leading obviously into the CD age.

Both the company and its sub-brand have been making CD players, universal players and SACD hardware ever since, and still do things the hard way: TEAC, for example, recently launched a micro-separates system including a CD/DSD player with USB recording and a DAC able to play files up to and including DSD over USB.

Meanwhile its TASCAM sub-brand makes everything from a plug-in high-quality microphone for use with iPods, iPad and iPhones through to a wide range of portable and studio recorders and mixers, including the well-known Portastudio range.

As I said, I’ve always liked Esoteric equipment, even though my listening has to date always been in unfamiliar circumstances such as hi-fi shows, and with unfamiliar electronics – usually all-Esoteric – and speakers. So it’s been a passion from afar; a bit of a ‘nose pressed against the shop window’ affair of the kind I used to have with those massive train-sets proper toy shops used to have running day and night.

However, a recent email from TEAC/Onkyo’s PR person got my attention: he attached a link to the web page for the Esoteric K-07, mentioned he had one at the moment, said he felt it sounded ‘a bit special’, and wondered whether I’d like a play.

Alacrity doesn’t quite cover the speed with which I replied, and a couple of days later I got back from a meeting just in time to catch a courier in the process of putting a ‘we called but you were out’ card through the door, and took possession of a rather heavy, if apparently much-travelled, box containing 14kg high-end SACD/CD player.                                                        READ MORE