Vinnie Rossi

Vinnie Rossi components are handcrafted in the USA and backed with a 10-year warranty and industry-leading customer service. Our designs use the finest component parts in purist circuit topologies that eschew high parts count in favor of elegant simplicity. We are fanatical about utilizing isolated, ultra-low impedance power supply design as a necessity in achieving the finest sonic results.

LIO is a modular audio system platform you can shape, upgrade and evolve to fulfill your changing audio needs. LIO can be an integrated amplifier, tube preamp, DAC, phono preamp, headphone amplifier or all of these components. Make LIO your own.

Choose one of our most popular LIO components including Headphone Amplifier, MOSFET Integrated Amplifier, Tube Line Preamplifier and our most complete component – LIO Deluxe. Any of these LIO components can be upgraded or reconfigured in the future by simply changing plug-in modules. And our utterly silent, patent pending, ultracapacitor power supply powers all LIO models.