Founded in 2010, Stenheim quickly became a leader among Swiss audio brands. Its five founders, Jean-Loup Afresne, Antoine Petroff, Maxime Perrin, Sébastien Benz and David Jilli are all engineers, passionate about sound and music. Prior to launching Stenheim, they worked together at one of the biggest names in audio equipment.

In 2011 – after two years of research and development – Stenheim launched its first range, the Alumine. These compact, all-aluminum speakers were created to be the reference model, to evolve over time to include a full-range system with subwoofer.

Given the Alumine model’s success, the five founders decided in 2013 to expand the young company’s horizons, handing over the company reins to Jean-Pascal Panchard – he too, a music aficionado and engineer by training, who brought extensive experience in the “High End” audio market – including experience gained with leading names in the Swiss audio industry. Since its founding, Stenheim has embodied the values of precision and outstanding quality for which Switzerland is renowned. Inspired by micromechanic and watch-making expertise, we aim to offer very high quality products, with lively, warm audio rendition, and uncompromising design.