CanEVER AUDIO® wants to be in the proposal for the music reproduction that first of all starts from the music itself.

Seems a simple approach, a Columbus’ egg, but it is really the key point. The priorities are timing, rhythmic integrity, tonal accuracy and dynamics, all facets that together make a master musician superior to a merely average performer. The technology comes after, it is at the service of the music reproduction and not vice versa. CanEVER AUDIO® achieves its aims through a 360° approach where all the parts of a unit are important to reach the target: stimulate emotions, as close as possible to a concerto experience.
With a technical approach only, even if close to perfection and based on the maximum informational retrieval and transmission, usually you steer far away from the music.

CanEVER AUDIO® designed and installed many OEM systems, and the Corum Audio system is a reference presented to the people 3 years ago.
Now the ZeroUno DAC is a new proposal with the ambition to be easily accepted by the experienced listeners who grew up with the vinyl sound.
The ZeroUno DAC has the ambition to be fitted in the analogue chain with satisfaction, and without regrets.

Designed, tuned and engineered mainly to enjoy the music and not the technology. Accept a challenge: even if you are not a fan of the classical music, go to a classical concert. You will listen to the real voices and the real instruments. Go back home and listen the “same” music program, it is not important if the orchestra and interpreters are too famous and popular. Probably your home listening session, even if with the number one orchestra and interpreters, will be very far away from the reality.

ZeroUno DAC helps to keep the reproduction really very close to the reality. Even if we believe no audio system can reproduce the real excitement of the music, by ZeroUno DAC is possible to go very close. Be aware of the challenge just said: the reaction of a some people is “the concert is bad sounding, bad acoustic, no details, fake” … comparing to the own audio system; it does not matter if you can listen to your own audio system for a few hours only and then you become tired with a very heavy head. In the next months other proposals will follow with the same ambition of the ZeroUno DAC.
A reference power amplifier … a reference loudspeaker … a digital music store … stay tuned.

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