Bricasti Design is dedicated the high end markets, remains a small private company, with people that are passionate about sound and exceptional quality; all products are designed and manufactured in the USA in Boston MA. For the future, given its history and experienced development team for proven analog and digital designs the company is looking ahead to adding more products to their consumer and professional product lines.

Bricasti Design was founded in 2004 by ex-Harman Specialty Group employees Brian Zolner and Casey Dowdell. Brian stared at the original Lexicon in 1984 and held various positions in sales, developed its international sales network for both professional and consumer markets for the Lexicon brand, and before leaving was VP of worldwide sales. Casey later joined Lexicon as a dsp software engineer and his primary focus was algorithm development for professional and consumer products including work on high end reverberation, Logic 7 and later Mark Levinson products when development for that brand became part of the group in MA with the closure of Madgrial. Additional hardware design for Bricasti Design products is contracted to a small group of ex Madrigal Labs employees in New Haven CT, Aevee Labs, who worked on many of the classic products designed at Madrigal during their tenure there. Together this team brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in product design and marketing for both the high end professional and consumer markets. Bricasti Design’s first product brought to market in 2007 was the M7 reverb; it is now used by the top recording engineers and studios, and as a a result of its success the company in now recognized by the industry to be the market leader in high end reverberation processing. Success of this product shows the team’s ability to develop and bring to the market a product combines leading edge digital design with classic analog.