Bricasti M28_front_side_


The Bricasti M28 monoblock amplifier is an exceptionally pure and precisely controlled reservoir of current. The expression of craft wrought in this deep pool effortlessly provides the massive current required to grab onto and control any speaker through the most demanding of musical passages. The sought after listening experience that is so elusive is immediately evident. The M28 is conservatively rated at 200 watts into an 8 ohm load. Ruler flat response and vanishing distortion of course. Fast, articulate, distortion free low frequency performance, even at the speakers resonant peak, perhaps unanticipated.


Technical Specifications were not yet available.


The sound in this room was detailed, very transparent, and nicely dynamic. This was done without sacrificing the midrange or musical harmony, which was strikingly well done. The M1 is obviously a superior design, and the M28s never tapped out on delivering the goods with the DSD recordings that Brian was using. Impressive stuff, and reminiscent of the Mark Levinson look and feel, back in the day. I encouraged Brian to get to Quad DSD ASAP in his DAC; I expect that we’ll see that. Brian is clearly knowledgeable, very discerning, and passionate about excellence in the audio arts. It was a treat to talk with him, full-rate; it was terrific to hear the music in his room.