Bricasti M1


The Bricasti Design M1: The M1 digital to analog converter is a dual mono design; there are two completely isolated channels, each with its own dedicated linear power supply, D/A converter, DDS clocking, and analog circuitry. This design insures that analog cross talk is virtually non existent, that the necessary power requirements for each channel are well met and isolated from each other and the digital processing is isolated, having its own power supply. With our twin DAC design, the dynamic range for each channel is optimized by using the stereo ADI 1955 D/A converter in a mono configuration. The M1 also includes Bricasti’s own proprietary filter technology, further opening new territory with what is achievable in a modern D/A reference.


DSD, DSD64 and DSD128 playback.
Features the latest generation asynchronous USB interface.
Dedicated dual mono design.
Highly acclaimed, proprietary filter technology.
Extremely low jitter @ 6 picoseconds.
Supports sample rates of up to 352.8kHz and 24 bits.
Minimum and linear phase filters.


A Top Ranked DAC The Bricasti Design M1 DAC belongs in my top ranking of DACs that I have had the pleasure to review. Its high level of transparency was easily heard in my system along with its superb transient and resolving capabilities. I now understand why the M1 is used by a number of professional mastering engineers given its revealing qualities. Bricasti Design has paid considerable attention to every design aspect of the M1. The Bricasti Design M1’s capability to deliver a harmonically rich musical experience with the ability to capture subtle nuances of a performance will make this DAC highly desirable to the high end computer audiophile. Read More