Acoustic Signature AS WOW XL front room1


Acoustic Signature WOW XL is our newest turntable to the family of our German precision-engineered turntables. Music really does matter for us also at our medium level handcrafted vinyl-spinner made in Germany. The proprietary ‘Tidorfolon’ Bearing design combined with a 10-year warranty.

Stunning Design with stainless steel buttons perfectly arranged on a 10mm massive Aluminum plate all together bonded to a 25mm high gloss wooden-Plinth.


Technical data

Drive unit 1 Synchronius motor, electronically regulated fully mains decoupled adjustable,BetaDIG electronic, external power supply
Bearing high precision TIDORFOLON Bearing rollerbushed and paired with axle.
Chassis 10mm massive Aluminium and 25mm Woodenplinth, 3 height adjustable feets, internal motor
Platter high precison platter made of aluminium, 34mm height. 6.4 kg weight.
Speed Range 33 1/3 RPM, 45 UPM with motor electronic.
Power Supply 100V-260V. Switching power Supply. Fully made in Germany
Dimension 430b x 170h x 340d mm, 16kg.




What’s the ultimate purpose of a turntable? To spin a vinyl record at a precise speed without introducing any vibrations into the cartridge. Of course, this is the holy grail of turntable design, and basically an impossible task. Turntables are constantly in a miniature battle to counteract opposing forces. When the Beach Boys sang about ‘good vibrations,’ they weren’t talking about their turntables. Many turntable manufacturers go to great lengths to reduce the effects of unwanted vibrations, but as the designs become more exotic, so do the prices. So when a turntable comes along that does its job well – and does it without costing a year’s salary – that’s something to celebrate. Maybe somebody at Acoustic Signature had a wry sense of humor when he decided to name this table the Wow; irony aside, the Wow XL is all wow factor without all of the Gleichlaufschwankung (the bad wow).  Read More