Acoustic Signature TA-2000.101


Tonearm TA-2000

After almost 20 years in which we have exclusively manufactured turntables we now added a new division. Since October of 2014, we proudly embarked on producing our own tone arms to sonically for our turntables. Fine mechanical instruments produced to highest standards exclusive made in Germany. The new TA-2000 is the “big-brother” of the very successful TA-1000. It uses the same great sounding armtube but has a more rigid and massive Bearing housing. And also uses the anti-skating mechanism of the bigger arms.

In recent years, the number of providers of affordable tone arms has declined steadily and existing arms were regularly getting more expensive. Our initiative is to provide a true value in a tone arm and the result is the TA 2000. A precisely manufactured prtecision-bearing tone arm. The TA 2000 is available in 3 lengths 9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch.

The Bearing

For the horizontal and vertical bearings only use precision miniature bearings from the German manufacturer SKF. They are very expensive but manufactured to highest quality level. They are carefully selected. The precision bearings are ultra-precisely adjusted during the production process. The bearings are added with minimal pre pressure for zero backlash to achieve a minimum friction and maximum stability.

The Armtube

When it comes to arm tubes – 2 mutually exclusive conditions need to be combined. Maximum stiffness and low resonance achieved by internal damping. Very stiff materials are hard and therefore very susceptible to resonances. On the other side Low-resonance materials are not stiff enough. The solution is a Dual carbon tube. The two pipes are joined by connecting elements. This creates a very rigid tube but still having a high damping and resonance poverty and it is also very light weight.

The Cable

When you consider that the signals of a pickup are very small you can well imagine, any interruption and each solder joint makes the signal worse. So we have gone for the cabling of the TA 2000, to a Teflon insulated 6N copper cable which is continuously from the cartridge pins to the RCA plug. Without any interruption – in one piece. For customers who like to try different cables the TA 2000 is also available with 5 pin connector in the arm shaft.


To set up a pickup perfect it is required to compensate the possible misalignments of the diamonds and herewith do a proper adjustment of the angle. Many tone arms do not have this possibility. At the TA 2000 it can be done very comfortable and the solution is also very rigid and solid so we do not lose sound quality. At the end of Armtube shortly before the Bearing there is a adjustment option. For this you simply open 2 small screws and then the arm tube can be turned for ± 5 degrees so the angle can be adjusted perfect for each cartridge. If these screws are again tightened the arm tube sits stiff and perfectly adjusted.



9 inch 252 mm

10 inch 270,2 mm

12 inch 330,66 mm

9 inch 222 mm

10 inch 237,8 mm

12 inch 295,6 mm

1.50m Direct wire, 6N Copper teflon insulated, RCA plugs

9 Zoll 252 mm

10 Zoll 270,2 mm

12 Zoll 330,66 mm

9 Zoll 222 mm

10 Zoll 237,82 mm

12 Zoll 295,6 mm

6N Kupfer Direkt Wire with RCA plug1.5m

Optional 5 Pin. DIN Plug

Option for solid silver wire

9 inch 237 mm

10 inch 254 mm

12 inch 318,1 mm

9 inch 22,00 degree

10 inch 21,60 degree

12 inch 17,30 degree

Effective Mass

9 Zoll: 9,3gr.

10 Zoll: 9,7gr.

12 Zoll: 12,3 gr.

Rega style, also available with SME mounting as a option

9 Zoll 237 mm

10 Zoll 254 mm

12 Zoll 318,1 mm


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