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The new STORM Mk2 turntable:

The new STORM Mk2 turntable weighs in at 28kg and provides all the advantages that true high mass turntables can deliver. STORM Mk2 offers rock solid and tuneful bass, a stable and focused midrange, clear and detailed high frequency reproduction – producing a sound-stage that has both natural delicate musicality and great authority.

The new STORM Mk2 design replaces one of our best selling turntables, improving on the design with wider feet spacing offering greater stability; improved platter resonance damping and heavier platter; quality design to improve sound quality, not for its own sake – something Acoustic Signature is known for worldwide.

Of course, STORM MK2 also has very low mechanical noise courtesy of our unique Tidorfolon bearing design, and an externally sited motor, run by our BetaDIG regenerative power supply ensure perfect rotation of the new platter. We think it looks pretty cool as well!


Technical data

Drive unit Synchron motor, electronically regulated, Power-decoupled, adjustable
Bearing Highly precise roller burnished Tidorfolon bearing
Chassis Resonance-optimised 45mm mass chassis with 3 adjustable feet, very soft alloy for low resonance.
Platter High precision machined 12 kg alloy platter 50mm thick incorporating 8 Silencers. Resonance absorbing coating to bottom face.
Speed Range Synchronous motor, electronically regulated, Power-decoupled through a S-Alpha supply, switch for speed adjustment.
Power Suply 230 or 115 V depending of your country, Alpha-S motor electronic
Dimensions 440 mm depth, 440 mm width
ca. 31-35 kg depending on extras odered
  • Black

  • Silver



The Acoustic Signature line ‚Äútops out‚Äù with the $34,000 Ascona. The $8000 Storm is third from the top, one down from the Thunder. I’m not sure if the company has a deal with The Weather Channel.

All of these tables incorporate variants of a common spindle bearing design that the company guarantees for ten years.

The heart of the Acoustic Signature bearing is a thrust pad structure made of Turducken: that’s a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken ‘oh excuse me that’s the ’60s acid kicking in. I meant to write ‘Tidorfolon’ – a unique material made of a mixture of Vandadium, ferrite Teflon and titanium that’s claimed to be ‘noiseless’ as well as wear-free and self-lubricating. We like self-lubricating. For turntables too. Read More