MAXIMUS – the name is selfexplaining! Maximum spinning/turning smoothness due to a new controlled DC-motor. Maximum perpetual speed, due to an optical sensor controlling and automatically adjusting the speed. Perfect spinning speed with minimized flutter/speed drop. Maximum user comfort.

The table of the MAXIMUS itself is cut out of the full solid aluminum block, slightly satin finished with a total weight of more than 10 kg and heavy weight turntable. The table contains a rubber embedded motor and changeable armboards upon customers choice. The fully digital control electronic enables speed change on a fingertip. The MAXIMUS is equipped with the top of the

line the 34 mm high full aluminum platter, similar to the ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE developed and handmade Tidorfolon-bearing, which is total noise and maintenance free. Due to its industrial design of the table construction combined with all handling comfort the MAXIMUS takes every daily listening to a memorable experience.

MAXIMUS SE (Special Edition)
The MAXIMUS SE is a technical advanced version, maximizing the listening result again. It is equipped with a platter containing 8 Silencers and a more advanced power supply for a higher listening performance.




Dimensions (width x height x depth)



page2image2529470896415 mm x 150 mm x 315 mm


17 kg/37.5 lbs

Drive System

Speed range

1 DC-Motor, speed controlled and regulated, fine adjustment of speed possible

33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM

Power adapter

External wall outlet power adapter, Input: 100 V to 260 V AC Output: 12 V DC

External linear power adapter AC-10, Input: 110 V / 240 V AC Output: 12 V DC


High precision Tidorfolon-bearing


30 mm massive aluminum chassis, 3 height adjustable feet


Aluminum platter, Ø 300 x 34 mm platter, weight: 5.8 kg / 12.8 lbs

Aluminum platter, Ø 300 x 34 mm platter with Silencer technology (8 Silencer), weight: 6.3 kg / 13.9 lbs


Coming Soon!