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Stein Music Systems

"The Harmonizer"

Stephen Mejias Stereophile


Stein Music offers some of the most unique and effective products on the market today.

Here we are its 2012 and we've got wireless everything, icloud, touch screens and down loadable apps in the digital world.

But when it comes to music reproduction we still rely on a great pair of loudspeakers and electronics all connected with high quality interconnects and speaker cables. Right? Right.

Well get ready to hear what adding what I call a wireless peripheral system to your music system can do.

Before I get into how or why the Stein Harmonizer system works which is most impossible since it involves quantum physics theory, just beyond my reach of qualifications.

We packed up the van for another road trip up through Vermont to Montreal last winter made a stop to see a potential customer in the Burlington Vt area.

So we met up with Keith (our customer) took a short drive out to his residence for a Stein Harmonizer demo. We walk into where the sound system is and I'm basically blown away by the enormity of the Tidal speaker system and associated gear. Amazing stuff, not to mention a laser turntable.

We proceed to place our wireless black cube Harmonizers in the appropriate locations near the speakers and behind the listening area for our A/B testing.

Keith has a new copy of Steely Dan's AJA on vinyl and a killer turntable to play it on. Now this is a High End system that really stands on its own! We played parts of the album with and without the Harmonizers and Keith (our customer) just kind of looked at us and said do that again please. Sure I said! I don't want to use the word jaw dropping because its overused. Lets just say Keith was impressed enough to buy the Harmonizers on the spot.

On to Montreal to visit a couple of dealers who listen to lots of gear and do demonstrations all the time. Trained ears…….

I picked a listening room at one of the dealers with a pair of Wilson Sasha's and proceeded to que up for the store owners evaluation of our wireless Stein Harmonizers.

I still laugh every time we talk about this. He sits down and he listens to a desired piece of music with the Stein's then without.

He shakes his head and looks at me and says I don't know what the @$#% that is but do it again!

That's the usual reaction we get with the Harmonizer peripheral system. What the double "A" battery powered cubes do is simply amazing! The music just opens up and blooms like it takes away a barrier and allows the sound to expand, its more detailed and articulate. The Crystals have an effect on the air molecules around the speakers and behind the listener that profoundly enhance the experience.

Thats about as technical as this is going to get.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Holger Stein at the THE Newport Show this past spring and he's as inspirational as his Harmonizers!


"Fidelis is the real deal!"

“Forget magazine reviews and all those Internet sites pointing you here and there. Fidelis is the real deal. Awesome upgrade programs, reliable service, and no sales tax! They have become my main go-to source for musical and home theater satisfaction.”

– Paul Kaplan

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