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The Fidelis service department is managed by Dave Plummer and Gary Morris. David has an impressive resume with decades of experience as a technician of audio and video equipment.

In addition to servicing all types and brands of equipment, Dave has a knack for coming up with improvements and modifications for a variety of equipment, including both tube and transistor products. The Fidelis service center is factory-authorized to do service on most brands that we carry.


In-Home Evaluations

A major tenet of the Fidelis philosophy is the ultimate importance of room|speaker|system interface. Quite simply, you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the best equipment in the world, and if you do not match the room with your system and properly voice your speakers, not only will you have a very expensive system that does not perform to its potential, it often sounds downright bad. To make sure this never happens to you, Fidelis offers in-home evaluations at a nominal fee. Further, this fee is actually credited back to you when you make an equipment purchase.


Fidelis gives an unbiased and honest evaluation of how your system sounds within the room. We come to your home with testing equipment, test CDs, and good ears. While this can sometimes be painful to the ego of any audiophile, quite frankly, we feel that this is what service is all about. Along with this evaluation, Fidelis can make specific recommendations on equipment, acoustical room treatments, and setup. If the need arises, we will travel almost anywhere. It is our sincere belief that if you are within New England, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this incredible service. It is about the music - in your home.


Equipment Trials

We all know that while the equipment may sound great in the show room, how it sounds in your room is what it's all about. To help you make an educated decision, we offer home equipment trials.


Fidelis loans demo equipment to customers for home use. There may be a per diem charge for the use of such equipment that will be credited towards the purchase of equipment from Fidelis. The customer assumes full responsibility for returning the equipment in good working order and without damage, within the agreed upon time period.


Custom Cabinetry, Acoustic Room Treatments & Custom Installation

Fidelis is proud to partner with Brooks Tanner and the master carpentry of Resonant Woods. When you take advantage of the in-home evaluation, we will make recommendations for room treatments, as well as equipment. For those of you who have to deal with WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor), Fidelis offers the options of custom build cabinetry, attractive room treatments, and non-invasive custom installations. Not only do we get it to sound good, we get it to look good.


"Our experience with Fidelis was extremely educational."

“Your professional attitude and casual sales approach was a welcomed respite from high pressure sales and the smoke and mirrors of the Internet commerce world. Understanding that we wanted the best investment for our money, our experience with Fidelis was extremely educational. We now have a new perspective and better understanding on how to define the ultimate music system.”

– Diane and Dave Jensen

"Absolutely stunning system that continues to thrill."

“It is clear you guys have real passion for achieving musically satisfying systems and the knowledge and experience to back it up. I have worked with Fidelis for many years, designing an absolutely stunning system that continues to thrill my family and friends. Many thanks, guys!”

– Dr. Peter & Patty Kervorkian

"Fidelis is the real deal!"

“Forget magazine reviews and all those Internet sites pointing you here and there. Fidelis is the real deal. Awesome upgrade programs, reliable service, and no sales tax! They have become my main go-to source for musical and home theater satisfaction.”

– Paul Kaplan

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Fidelis is centrally located and easy to find. Let us show you around. Listen to your preferred music in our dedicated listening rooms. Audition a wide selection of equipment and learn what our products and services can do for you. - read more

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