“What I am trying to do is help people create a passion for that which is eternal. And that which is eternal is music. Take the Tagore quote: “music fills the infinite between two souls” That is what music does. And if I can turn that passion on or show people the way to that passion…..I am a guide, I am not the end. I am to be looked at as a guide, not as a final authority. What happens is that a person’s life is enriched to an extent that they will be ever thankful, not to me, but for the enrichment, for the music” 

The late Harry Pearson

It all comes down to the music and superior audio to reproduce it, and we know audio well.  Putting together a music system that’s exactly right for you is a science and an art – it requires technical expertise as well as a true appreciation and feel for the emotional appeal of music.

As avid enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve been bringing these attributes to our customers for many years now and our passion for the music is the constant that guides us.


  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

    October 26, 2016

    We teamed up with VAC and simply had an awesome system this year. We coupled our Harbeth 40.2 Reference Monitors with a pair of VAC iQ 200 Amps and a VAC Master Line Stage. The sources were Analog from the amazing Acoustic Signature Ascona Turntable and the Digital from the Aurender N100H coupled to the […]

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  • New York Audio Show Nov 4th – 6th Salon C

    October 26, 2016

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  • XPONA 2016

    May 5, 2016


    XPONA Chicago was nothing short of amazing with attendance especially Saturday! A bigger room will absolutley be on the agenda for next years we can keep all the great listeners! I’m sure people would have stayed much longer but it was wall to wall in there most of the day. The word got out that […]

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